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Having recommenced tours with Lions Sports Travel in 2023 it has been wonderful to experience the exceptional organisation they were known for has not been diminished due to the pandemic. The facilities have again been superb, the cricket excellent and the off field activities well planned and flexible depending on what the party wants. In Sharjah in February 2023 they even managed to organise tickets for the group to the ITL T20 final in Dubai – a magical evening among a crowd of 15000. A true taste for the lads of what an IPL match must feel like!
We are pleased to be in partnership with such a professional tour company.
I Fletcher
COO, Hertfordshire Cricket
Nepal – February 2023, Dubai – February 2023, Sri Lanka – Mar 2022, Grenada & Saint Lucia – March 2020, Barbados – April 2019, Sri Lanka – October 2018, Barbados – April 2018, Barbados – April 2017

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I was lucky enough to witness first hand the outstanding work of Lion Sports Tours as we have recently returned from our Dubai cricket tour. Organisationally the whole tour from start to finish was like clockwork with regular contact with the tour guide who was with us for the whole duration of the trip. It certainly was a bespoke trip with amendments regularly made throughout the trip to support the needs of our pupils which was a huge bonus to the service provided.
In my role as Director of Sport it is increasingly more important that we are sending pupils on well organised international Sports Tours to enhance the sporting experience for our pupils post COVID and I have gained a huge amount of trust with the company and we are looking forward to running a rugby tour to South Africa in July 2024 together. Since my return I have recommended the company to a number of different schools, and I hope we continue to work closely with Lions Sports Tours over the coming years.
M Edwards, Director of Sport
Eltham College
Oct 2018: Cricket Tour of UAE & Sri Lanka
Oct 2019: Water Polo Tour of Athens
May 2022: Water Polo Tour of Athens
Easter 2023: Educational Trip of Valencia
Easter 2023: Cricket Tour of UAE
Easter 2024: Language Trip of Germany
July 2024: Rugby Tour to South Africa

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As we strive to provide unforgettable opportunities and experiences to pathway players finding the right travel partner is critical in allowing this to happen. Over the past six years Lions Sports Travel has proven to be more than just a travel company – they are an exceptional partner who put great care and attention into every detail of our trips. From the outset, their level of service has been second to none. They take the time to understand the unique needs of our touring part to ensure that tours are perfectly tailored to our group.
The commitment and dedication of the Lions Sports Travel team have been outstanding, always going above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience to players and staff. What sets Lions Sports Travel apart is their deep understanding of cricket and the countries they operate in.
They’ve continually helped us strike the perfect balance between playing high-quality cricket and experiencing the authentic culture of the host country. On our tours to Sri Lanka, for instance, they’ve not only arranged competitive matches but also ensured we have a realistic and enriching perspective of Sri Lanka as a country. Their insightful local knowledge has added depth to our trips, providing our players with a more rounded and rewarding experience.
In every respect, Lions Sports Travel have exceeded our expectations. We recommend Lions Sports Travel to any club or school seeking an exceptional cricket tour experience. We look forward to many more tours in partnership with you.
Matt Drakeley, Head of Talent Pathway
Somerset County Cricket Club
Sri Lanka – February 2024, Sri Lanka – February 2023, Sri Lanka – February 2022, India – February 2020, Sri Lanka – February 2019, Sri Lanka – February 2018, Sri Lanka – February 2017
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