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Basketball is played the world offer and our handpicked destinations are no different. We organize basketball tours to the most sought after destinations be it to scenic South Africa or even highly competitive China- we can provide you with the best basketball holiday packages around.

Playing overseas provides the best exposure for your team with opportunities to square off against international players at various basketball games. Arranging overseas basketball tours for your school, sports club, or organisation, will require you to consider several key elements before deciding on your plans. Basketball is famous the world over and our featured destinations have no shortage of clubs and top basketball courts and facilities for you to select from.

Your tour planning process once you have decided on your destination starts by deciding how many fixtures to include in your itinerary. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, and the number of fixtures that you choose to play is entirely dependent on the needs and priorities of your particular team.

Before you confirm your games,

check to ensure that the clubs you choose can offer you fixtures against teams at the right level of play for your club or team. Referees and officials can typically be organized through the host school, club or team that you select, but it is another important aspect to consider.

Similarly, if you want to include training or practice sessions in addition to your scheduled games, you will want to ensure that the venue/s you select can offer you these facilities. You will also want to consider the travel times between locations.

Most of our exotic destinations offer an amazing diversity from mountainous regions to beach retreats however it is important to note that whilst the distances appear short, the time taken to travel to each location can be deceptively long so it is worth considering this at the planning stage.

Once you have decided on the number and locations of the games, it is now time to look at planning the other aspects of your tour, such as accommodation, transfers and transport throughout the tour, sightseeing or excursion options and associated costs.

Get in touch with us for Adrenalin filled basketball tours, other sports tours and specialist holidays, we will provide you with the best options at the best rates to make your basketball tours affordable without compromising on quality.

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