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Tour to Saint Lucia

The breath-taking island of St Lucia was certainly a huge hit with both the cricket and netball teams that recently toured with us. The tropical temperature of a constant 30 degrees made for pleasant match playing conditions and both teams went on to win a couple of their well-matched games.

One of the tour highlights was a visit to the ‘drive-in volcano’ at Sulphur Springs which several commented on it looking a bit like the surface of the moon. The players were mesmerised by the awe-inspiring sight of the boiling mud in the pools, bubbling away whilst gas clouds of Sulphur escaped through the surrounding vents, even though many tried to hold their noses to avoid the ‘rotten egg’ like smell! Not put off though, both teams were eager to test out the thermally heated mineral-rich pools and they covered themselves in mud for the most natural mud facial and body treatment they will ever receive.

Getting a real taste of Caribbean life, the local markets proved to be a popular visit by our teams too. Not only did they buy souvenirs to take home but they were fascinated by the vast array of colourful fruits, vegetables and incredible spices as well as the local arts & crafts.

Relaxation time between matches and site-seeing included games on the sandy beach, chilling in the sea, lounging by the hotel pool and a walk through the beautiful National Park, Pigeon Island. A Caribbean trip to remember forever!

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