Terms and Conditions

Booking Stage

To make a booking contact us with your recommended dates and we will arrange your flights for you. We will require full names as per your passport to make the reservation for you. Please note Lions Sports Travel will not accept liability and responsibility for incorrect names given. Please therefore ensure that all names given are correct.

To secure the booking a deposit is required, unless otherwise stated.  This would confirm your booking, in addition we require you to sign the Terms and Conditions form that will be sent to you at the booking stage, to confirm you have read and understand our Terms and Conditions. Deposits are non refundable and if you do not pay your balance when it is due, Lion’s Sports Travel will treat your booking as cancelled and charge a cancellation fee in addition to the deposit already paid.  The remaining balance is required 12 weeks prior to your departure. Lion’s Sports Travel will then release your tickets 4 weeks prior to your departure, which will be sent direct to you or via Lion’s Sports Travel by first class post, please note that this is at your own risk. There is an opportunity to arrange additional insurance against loss in the post at an additional expense.

Late Bookings

If you book within 12 weeks of departure full payment will be required at the time of booking. Tickets will be sent to you by first class post, however if you book within a week of travel, Lion’s Sports Travel will be able to arrange for you to collect your tickets at the airport, subject to the charges levied by the airline concerned and any additional costs incurred by Lion’s Sports Travel being paid. They will advise of any charges at the time of booking.

Alteration or Cancellation by You

If you need to cancel a confirmed booking you must contact us in writing. To cover the cost of administration and the possibility that Lion’s Sports Travel will be charged full cancellation charges by the airline concerned, Lion’s Sports Travel have to make a cancellation charge. If you have purchased insurance you may be able to claim for the charges imposed. The cancellation charges are based on the number of day’s notice before departure that you advise us of the cancellation. Contact Lion’s Sports Travel who will advise you of the cancellation charges. For alterations, which will be made where possible Lion’s Sports Travel will impose a £25.00 admin fee, unless otherwise stated.


The price quoted to you is based on the currency exchange rate at time of quotation.  We reserve the right to correct errors quoted at any time prior to confirmation of your holiday.  The price of your holiday is subject to surcharges at any time due to currency fluctuations, tax increases, fuel surcharges, scheduled airfare changes and government action. You will be notified of any increase in price due to these circumstances.  Surcharges up to 2% will be absorbed by Lion’s Sports Travel.  If the surcharge is greater than 10% you are entitled to cancel your booking (within 14 days of revised invoice) and receive a full refund on monies paid to us or book another holiday with Lion’s Sports Travel.  Surcharges will not be levied within 30 days of the start of your holiday.  The price of your holiday includes £1 pp for the ATOL Protection Contribution (APC) paid to the CAA.

Cancellation Charges


  •  All deposits are non refundable.



  • The remaining balance is required 12 weeks prior to departure. If you wish to cancel the tour, the following charges will apply. Lion’s Sports Travel reserves the right to cancel any booking, where payment is not received on time.
  • 83 – 55 days prior to departure 50% of the tour price
  • 54 – 31 days prior to departure 75% of the tour price
  • 30 – 0 days prior to departure 100% of the tour price
Tidiness and Damage

All guests are required to leave their accommodation and all fixtures and fittings and effects in good order and should inform Lion’s Sports Travel or the local representative of any damage, or its contents during residence.


Lion’s Sports Travel cannot be responsible for matches being cancelled due to weather conditions or injuries to the teams. Lion’s Sports Travel will endeavour to reschedule matches where possible.

Recommendation of Suppliers

Lion’s Sports Travel will willingly offer our recommendations on reputable suppliers locally in each destination such as car rental companies, however please note the agreement and terms of conditions will be between the client and supplier. Lion’s Sports Travel will not be liable for any disputes or disagreements between the two parties.


Whilst we provide every assistance within our capabilities, we hold no responsibility for inconvenience or loss caused by strikes, weather, increase in accommodation rates, terrorist activities, war, technical problems with transportation or alteration in scheduled services. Nor can we be held responsible for the temporary closure of any hotel facilities, compensation for personal injury while on tour, or for the cancellation of your tour.

Foward Flight Cost Planning

Tours that are more then 12 months in advance, at the time of booking are subject to the movement of flight prices. At the time of the quotation stage Lion’s Sports Travel will advise that flight costs are based on projected pricing and have been calculated using the current year pricing structure.

Lion’s Sports Travel cannot therefore be held responsible or accountable for any increases in flight prices, all Cancellation Charges will remain in effect. However if your team decide to cancel due to a dramatic increase in flight prices, on confirmation of the exact flight cost, deposit payments will be non refundable, however Lion’s Sports Travel will endeavour to refund other payments where possible.


Lion’s Sports Travel will do its best endeavour to ensure that the information circulated in respect of each property is accurate and keep up to date in accordance with the published information held on the website and or transmitted in the form of either a brochure or correspondence. Where possible, all recommend properties are visited regularly by a representative of Lion’s Sports Travel to ensure standards are maintained. Lion’s Sports Travel does not accept any responsibility for the inaccuracy of any information supplied to them by either the supplier or their representative.

Security Deposit

Please note that selected accommodation options require a security deposit, in the case of covering the cost of replacing any items, which have been damaged or broken by guests whilst in residence, or for incidentals such as overseas calls or fax calls.


If you have a complaint or any problems whilst on tour, it is the tour manager’s responsibility to inform the local representatives of Lion’s Sports Travel as soon as possible, so that remedial action can be taken. If the local representative is not available or is not able to resolve the matter, the guest should then contact Lion’s Sports Travel at the UK Office within 48 hours of the problem arising. Lion’s Sports Travel will endeavour to do everything possible to assist their clients. Complaints should be sent in writing to the office within 2 weeks of departure. If guests do not follow this complaints procedure, thereby depriving Lion’s Sports Travel of the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem, the company cannot accept any responsibility for any claim.

In the event that any dispute of difference shall arise between the guest and Lion’s Sports Travel, which is not resolved speedily and amicably between both parties, the matter in dispute shall be resolved by arbitration in the local destination in accordance with the relevant law’s applicable to that destination.


We strongly recommend you are adequately insured, Lion’s Sports Travel will not accept responsibility or liability for you not being insured.


Passports / Vaccinations / Visas / Travel Advice

All passengers must be in possession of a valid 10 year passport with a minimum of six months remaining validity from return date. For most of the destinations we feature, European Union passport holders do not require visas.

It is the responsibility of the traveller to check with the relevant embassy or consulate of the country you are visiting to check necessary documentation.Travellers must also conform to the health regulations regarding vaccinations to your chosen destination/s.  Up to date advice can be obtained from your GP.

Travel safe? know before you go.  Up to date information can be found on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website www.fco.gov.uk

All prices quoted have been based on the latest available exchange rate and are fully inclusive of VAT and Taxes. Prices quoted will fluctuate due to the movement in Rates of Exchanges.

Payment may be made by Credit or Debit Card, or Bank Transfer.  All monies to be paid in Pound Sterling (£).

The company reserves the right to adjust the purchase price, after the booking date, to take into consideration any exceptional movements in the rate of exchange and levies imposed by airlines such as fuel charges. In these cases any adjustments will be passed onto the client, after prior notice has been given to the client.

-Updated 11/09/16