Stunning Sri Lanka Tours

A captivating mix of ancient history, rich culture and great natural beauty, Sri Lanka captures the best of all worlds. It basks in glorious sunshine, boasts miles of palm-fringed beaches, water sports, prolific wildlife and no less than seven World Heritage site allowing us to create Sri Lanka tours that are sure to excite.


The rich and colourful history of Sri Lanka shows in the diversity of its delightful people. The Hill Country’s colonial roots are reflected in vast tea estates, botanical gardens and cricket pitches. The island’s UNESCO World Heritage sites include the Royal City of Kandy and the Rock Fortress of Sigiriya, each telling their own fascinating, ancient tales.


Sri Lanka is an affordable destination favoured by many cricket lovers, tickets are cheap and the entertainment carnival like. Join the local crowds as they pack stadiums to the rafters and let the air horns, papare music and contagious cheering envelope you as you show your support.


Rugby is also quite popular in this part of the world with many famous international players participating in its annual rugby sevens.  Rugby is played throughout this charming island on all levels from school, club and even corporate.


Sri Lanka boasts spectacular birdlife as well as safari opportunities to see elephants, leopards and monkeys. With its mix of races and religions, arts and crafts, festivals and costumes, visitors can’t help but be enchanted with its exquisite variety.


The same can be said about the variety of sports available in Sri Lanka, as although cricket is without a doubt the number one sport played,

 a variety of other sporting codes are played and enjoyed throughout the country.


Sri Lanka in all its glory is sure to leave you satisfied, why not add to your Sri Lanka tours experience by combining a twin centre option to stunning Bali or cultural India or perhaps a stopover in Dubai for a spot of world class entertainment.


Get in touch with us to organise your dream tour of Sri Lanka combined with your preferred matches to show your support.  We will handle your travel plans and our insider knowledge means that we can provide you with value for money with advice on how to make the most of your time during your Sri Lanka tours.