Hong Kong Sports Tours

Sports Travel Tours in Hong Kong are popular as ever. Hong Kong which is a metropolis of a city which plays host to many different types of sports travel tours for those seeking to be actively engaged in Cricket, Rugby, Hockey and football to name a few. This ultra-modern city is a highly sought after destination for those looking for world class sports travel tours and we at Lions Sports Travel have chosen Hong Kong as part of our range of carefully hand picked destinations.


A former colonial stronghold with major cultural influences from United Kingdom is home to a melting pot of cultures who have all contributed to shaping modern Hong Kong. Hong Kong is also home to many expatriates that hail from Britain thereby making sports such as Rugby, Cricket and football extremely popular across Hong Kong in schools and clubs.


Those wishing to experience Sports Travel Tours in Hong Kong can expect to compete in world class facilities which have played host to many international sporting events. This extremely safe and modern city is an ideal destination to consider sports travel tours to for both young adults and even competing female teams.


Hong Kong is especially popular with those interested in Rugby. Those wishing to experience Rugby Sports Travel Tours can expect an action packed tour whilst competing with equally talented counterparts in this bustling Asian city.

Get in touch with Lions Sports Travel for exciting Sports Travel Tours that meet all your requirements, we will arrange everything from flights, accommodation, transfers, action packed games and even sightseeing tours during the sports travel tours. Our dedicated account managers are ready to assist you in planning sports travel tours that are sure to leave lasting memories in this thriving mega city with all the modern conveniences that you can expect from home.