Highlands Cricket Donation at Sevanagala Maha Vidyalaya

Monday 16th July 2018

The Highlands Cricketers from Sydney, Australia headed by Brian Martin have provided huge support for CHARITY PRANAV over their past three tours to Sri Lanka, by donating high volumes of sports equipment for underprivileged children within Sri Lanka.


This year in particular they have donated 9 complete sets of Cricket gear each including: three pairs of batting pads, two bats, two helmets, two thigh pads, one box, two pairs of spikes, three pairs of batting gloves, a pair of wicket keeping gloves, one set of wickets, practice balls, cones and clothes. In addition they have donated three Matting’s (Artificial Cricket pitches that create a useable wicket) which equates to a new playing surface for over 240 school cricketers.


Overall the generous donations of used equipment and new matting’s will go on to benefit over 500 children at 11 different schools.

On Monday 16, July 2018, Sevanagala Maha Vidaylaya children greeted and gave the warmest welcome, to the Highlands Cricket players and supporters, with an excited roar upon their arrival. Players and supporters attracted a large crowd of students, where they embraced the young children with high fives all-round. Young girls and boys gathered elated at the Highlands’ arrival and continued to welcome them with a traditional Sri Lankan ?Ayubowan?, a long corridor of boys applauded the Highlands’ and they walked along as if in a slow motion movie and they were greeted and led by the school band to the school hall. The Highlands players and supporters many of which entire families, began the humbling experience of donating the sports gear to the 11 school’s children, of which will help them evolve into better Cricketers in the future. This equipment will create many fantastic opportunities for hundreds of children and even brought a tear to a few supporters’ eyes, the realisation of how the donated sports equipment can help these underprivileged children, touched many.

Overall it was an inspiring day for everyone involved, where the Highlands Cricket players and supporters witnessed first-hand the difference their donations can make. So many selfies, games, cheers and fun was to be had between the Highlands and the crowds of children. Even the youngest of the Highland’s supporters joined in with the school girls in a game of catch and all sorts of fun was exchanged between them. After the ceremony the supporters and players explored the school premises and ultimately they entered the classrooms and were surprised of what they saw as of the condition of the classrooms and resources.


A mother of a player introduced the ?Aussie Aussie Aussie? chant to the children and it thundered from all corners of the school, we hope it doesn’t stay in their minds for too long.

The entire experience will remain a very special memory to both players, supporters of Highlands and the students and that they have made such a difference to the children’s lives.